Middleware for PMS Integration

  • WINPAC Property Management System Interface (PMSi): a Call Accounting System c/w 3rd Party System Integration
  • WINPAC Voice Related Systems (VRS): choice of Analog or SIP Based voice modules
  • WINPAC Emergency Notification System (ENS): Emergencies broadcasting with multiple communication tools.
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Better Communication With Your In-House Guests and Hotel Staff

  • WINPAC Hotel Communication Center System (CCS): Guest Services Delivery & Monitoring
  • BeMyGuest Mobile Application: Hotel Guest Mobile Application to make service requests and all other hotel services.
  • WINPA Housekeeping System (HSKP): Room Cleaning & Monitoring System
  • WINPAC Hospitality System (HES): Preventive Maintenance & Ad-hoc Work Order tracking & monitoring
  • WINPAC IP/SIP Phone Application: IP or SIP Phone Application for In- House Hotel Guests
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Paperless & Fast Check-In

  • WINPAC Passport Scanning System (PS): Passport Scanning during Guest Check-n
  • WINPAC E-Registration System: Digital Signature during Guest Check-in
  • WINPAC Self Check-in Kiosks c/w Facial Recognition.
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