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WINPAC is a full set of integrated systems which covers the operation of various departments in the hotel, and its goal is to improve the hotel information management ability, thereby enhancing the hotel's financial benefits, management efficiency and the image of the hotel.

WINPAC Property Management Interface System (PMS)
WINPAC Hotel Voice Mail System (VMS)
WINPAC Hotel Voice Confirmation System (VCS)
WINPAC Hotel Fax Mail System (FMS)

Hotel internal operation is complex and requires frequent telephone interaction between departments before a specified service requested by a hotel guest can be delivered.

To improve, a range of Winpac products can be incorporated to assist in hotel operation, supervision of staff and the management.

Winpac Hotel Communication Centre System (CCS)
WINPAC Hospitality Engineering System (HES)

As technology advances, people are moving onto use of Smart Phones and Tablets in view of its convenience to access voice and data anytime and anywhere. In view of such demand, JDS has thus developed WINPAC Solutions for the hospitality industry to enable hassle free stay for Hotel Guests as well as efficient Hotel Operation.


WINPAC Tablet Solution

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Automate & Integrate
Improve Performance
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