1. WINPAC Property Management Interface System (PMS)
    Winpac PMS is designed as the mediator between Front Office and PABX system which helps to enable various functionality of the said systems whilst capturing various call charges and activities within the hotel.
  2. WINPAC Hotel Voice Mail System (VMS)
    When a guest checks into the hotel, the guest is automatically assigned a personal Voice Mailbox for the duration of his stay in the hotel. This Mailbox will provide a private and confidential messaging environment for the guest.
  3. WINPAC Hotel Voice Confirmation System (VCS)
    Winpac VCS allows a user to place a request from the guest room telephone set. With this system, the user can set his wake up call, and the maid to post minibar charges or update the room status. Miscommunication will be eliminated, as the Voice Confirmation System will instruct the user by voice.
  4. WINPAC Hotel Fax Mail System (FMS)
    Winpac FMS is a user-friendly solution for hotels where guests are able to obtain their faxes from their rooms by making one call. The faxes can also be re-faxed to their rooms as and when requested. The Fax Mail system has FULL INTEGRATION with the Front Office system.

  5. Winpac Hotel Communication Centre System (CCS)
    Winpac CCS concept is based on a requirement to centralize all guest related communications taking place throughout a hotel. The Guest Service Representative (GSR) can utilize the existing PC stations to assist in processing and managing all guest requirements in the appropriate language in a fast and effective manner.
  6. WINPAC Hospitality Engineering System (HES)
    Winpac HES is a Web-based Solution designed to assist Hotel Managers to handle the Preventive Maintenance of Devices, Hardware and Assets. Work Orders can be generated to help Engineering or IT Department to carry out maintenance tasks more efficiently and effectively.
  7. WINPAC IP Phone
    This application provides real-time information from the web, telephone call information, folio account for the room, hotel and external directory information, and customer feedback.
  8. WINPAC Mobility Solution
    WINPAC Mobility Solution is a flexible and customizable solution whereby Hotel Guests can simply use with his/her own devices to request for Housekeeping Services, Concierge Services, order In-Room dining, besides making Spa Reservation, access to hotel information, flight information and many more. In the meantime hotel staff can manage and deliver hotel guests' requested services whilst hotel management team can monitor and track its service delivery quality.
  9. WINPAC Emergency Notification System (ENS)
    WINPAC ENS is a web-based system offering a central interface that allows users to self-administer and manage time-sensitive communications to employees, members, publics and others by simultaneously broadcasting a message to all communication devices: mobile phones (via SMS text messages) and email accounts. Winpac ENS allows an administrator to send a message to hundreds or hundreds of thousands of people within minutes - without having to call anyone. Broadcast of messages can be initiated via web.
  10. WINPAC Passport Scanning System (PSS)
    WINPAC PSS is able to read, recognize characters and numbers from a Passport image and convert to text. All textual data will be sent to hotel PMS check-in screen.


  1. Enterprise CallTrack
    Enterprise CallTrack system is a Call Detail Recording system that captures all outgoing and/or incoming calls made from any PABX or Keyphone system. The collected data will then be generated into various types of reports as a tool for management to monitor and quantify call usage.
  2. Enterprise Voice Mail with Voice Mail and Auto Attendant Module

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